Water Treatment

Ozone and ozone generators are used in various water treatment applications where a highly efficient and environmental friendly treatment method is required. By using ozone, oxidation and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) you can efficiently reduce or completely remove contaminants, toxins and many other substances, in various applications.

Common applications are:

clothes;bleaching COD;BOD;water treatment Bottle rinsing;bottles


BOD & COD treatment

Bottle rinsing

bottling plant;water bottling;assembly line clean equipment;cleaning process;CIP cooling tower;cooling tower cleaning


Bottled water

CIP & Sanitation

Cooling towers

de-ionized water; clean drinking water;drinking water aroma removal;flavor removal;taste removal

De-ionized Water

Drinking water

Flavor removal

pharmaceutical;pharmaceutical residue;pharmaceutical residue in water bacteria;water;microorganism

Pharmaceutical residues

Water disinfection

Other Applications


We are experts in applying cost-effective and highly efficient water treatment, based on ozone alone or combined with other treatment methods. Contact us for more information.

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