Ventilation systems in commercial kitchens

The modern commercial kitchen

Our vision of the modern commercial kitchen is a kitchen that has a high level of fire safety, offers a better working environment, does not release odors in the kitchen, within the property nor its surroundings, has lower maintenance costs - and above all: the heat in the air from griddles, frying pans, ovens and deep fryers are taken advantage of. In short: a nicer, safer and more sustainable kitchen.

An important step towards a modern kitchen is the efficient treatment of the hot, odorous and greasy kitchen exhaust air. On the following pages, you will find the knowledge you need in order to achieve that: an efficient treatment of the exhaust air in commercial kitchens.

Efficiently and properly treated exhaust air yield many benefits, such as:

Optimized heat exchange with ozone purification With ozone treatment you can have cheaper duct materials Installera ozonrening och minimera brandrisken
Optimized heat recovery Cheaper materials Improved fire safety
Reducera lukter med ozon Rena köksfrånluften och tjäna pengar! Ett hållbart kök har effektiv luftrening

Less odor problems 

Lower operational costs

A more sustainable society

According to an estimate, there are over 13 million restaurants in the world and 25,000 of them are located in Sweden - and this number is increasing rapidly. The majority of all restaurants discharge hot air that is not treated accordingly.

As much as half of the energy consumed by a kitchen establishment dissipates in the form of heat through the exhaust ventilation. Significant energy savings can be made if this heat energy is taken advantage of, instead of released through the ventilation. However, utilizing the heat requires that the exhaust air is properly treated; otherwise, the maintenance of filters, heat exchangers and the channel itself becomes too burdensome and costly.

Ozone treatment

Ozone is a strong oxidant (like chlorine) that effectively breaks down smaller fat particles and gaseous fats in the exhaust air and on the surfaces in the exhaust ventilation. Ozone oxidizes fat to generate water, carbon dioxide and some dust.

Ozone treatment allows for continuous purification of the exhaust air when the kitchen ventilation is operating. Ozone is generated on site by reliable systems that require minimal maintenance. Read more about our solutions and systems here.

Efficient and continuous removal of grease and fats in the exhaust air yield many benefits. Fire safety increases considerably, odors are reduced and cleaning of the ventilation ducts is required less frequently, and manual cleaning takes significantly less time. Our ozone systems require low maintenance and supervision, and the return of investment is often as short as two to three years if the heat is recovered properly.

How do you contribute to a commercial kitchen?

Whether you are a technical consultant who does calculations, drawings and designs for a commercial kitchen, a property owner with an existing commercial kitchen, or planning to incorporate one in the establishment, a property manager who is in charge of the operation of a property with commercial kitchens or a ventilation contractor installing ventilation channels, you will have a huge advantage of the information that we share with you here.

Our sales arguments are based on scientific research and our treatment solutions for exhaust air in commercial kitchens are based on our own research and development for the past 25 years.

Continuously treating the exhaust air year after year have many apparent advantages. Which is most valuable to you? Discover that and much more through Ozone Academy.

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