Solutions & Systems for Air treatment

Ozonetech's core business is to provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions - always based on our ozone technology. We build our water and air treatment systems on a strong foundation of high quality products. We offer both small and large scale ozone systems and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solutions for effective sanitation and disinfection of complex air and water treatment challenges.
When working with industrial customers, Ozonetech implements a work process as seen below where the circumstances of the problem and customer choices has an impact.

1.  In the preliminary offer a customer receives a preliminary project strategy and pricing range depending on information available from the customer and the uniqueness of the problem. Once the customer accepts the approximate cost and conditions the process starts.

1.1. Based on the information available from the customer air analysis could be necessary, the results and their impact on the overall design is then presented in a report. (Click here to read more about our air analysis

2. We propose a design based on our ozone technology – The design could include products such as our Odor removal unit –Nodora, ozone destruction unit Contra and/or our RENA Pro ozone system

Nodora;H2S removal;hydrogen sulfide removal Ozone destructor;Contra Ozone system;Ozone;RENA pro


Nodora - Modular odor reduction

Contra - Ozone destruction system

RENA Pro - Ozone system


2.2. CFD simulations are offered to adapt the conditions for the costumer’s unique problem, enabling smarter use of installed technology as well as giving the costumer access to data to be used for their own improvement work. (click here to read more about our CFD simulation services)

3.1. In-house tests are done on samples from the costumer streams – the sample is then treated and the results recorded to prove the efficiency of proposed technologies.

3.2. Pilot tests can be done on location to ensure that the proposed design can handle all the day to day changes of our costumers system

4. Installation is done according to agreement in collaboration with customer for a smooth installation and commissioning

5. Ozonetech offer warranties based on the agreements, and if the customer purchase service agreements which include visits, replacements of instruments and calibrations.

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