Nodora Odor Control

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Having delivered tailor-made odor treatment to demanding industry applications, we realized the need for a smart industrial grade solution for non-industrial applications. So we designed one. The result: Nodora – a modular, highly efficient and compact system. The perfect solution when space is limited and odor must be minimized.

Nodora is designed as a final air treatment step for odor reduction. The flow pattern is optimized to maximize the efficiency and minimize the pressure drop. Unlike other products on the market, Nodora reaches its’ full potential all the time. If you replace a standard air treatment system with Nodora, a much smaller footprint area would be required. The module is designed according to EUR-pallet size simplifying transports. The heavy-duty chamber contains exchangeable cassettes and can be made compatible with ventilation channels. The modular design makes it possible to customize the solution depending on the air flow, pollution load and acceptable pressure drop. The modules can be coupled back-to-back and side-to-side, with flexible air intake and outlet using removable side plates. The combination of a compact design and industrial grade, high performance odor treatment enables new options for planners and consultants. Odorous off-gas can be released in underground parking garages and court yards, making ductwork less costly and cumbersome.

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Low pressure drop saves energy

Fan energy consumption is directly proportional to air flow and total pressure drop in a ventilation system. The comparable low pressure drop of Nodora allows for substantial increase in energy efficiency compared to traditional industrial air handling solutions.

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Application areas

Nodora's modular and compact design makes it possible to benefit from industrial grade odor removal on sites where space is limited, like:

  • Restaurant ventilation exhaust in garages
  • Restaurant ventilation exhaust in public areas
  • Supply air treatment for public buildings
  • Odorous industrial process exhaust ventilation


  • Industrial grade, high-performance air treatment
  • Low pressure drop, excellent energy efficiency
  • Long lifetime, especially when combined with the RENA ozone system
  • Compact solution, suitable for limited spaces
  • Modular design, flexible combinations
  • Low maintenance need

Technical specifications

Air flow 1,260 - 5,400 m3/h
Temperature 0 - 60 °C
Odor reduction up to 95%
Pressure drop 40 - 150 Pa
Relative humidity 0 - 70% RH
Material EN 1.4301 stainless steel
Inlet/outlet connections (WxH) 754 x 380 or 1154 x 380 mm
Connection type Flange
Module size (WxHxD) 1160 x 2070 x 760 mm
Weight  approx. 500 kg

Accessories and options

  • Pressure drop indicator
  • Adjustable feet
  • Water drain
  • EN 1.4404 material
  • Stainless steel ventilation duct connections
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Open-top with grid

Nodora Cat

For applications with problems with H2S such as wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants and even food processing, there is a special version of Nodora called “Nodora Cat”. H2S has a very distinct odor of rotten egg with an extremely low odor threshold of about 10 ppb (0.01 ppm) and aside from its odor-generating problems, H2S may also lead to corrosion of process equipment, sulfuric acid rains and other environmental issues. 

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Nodora Cat incorporates catalytic mixed-bed filter material specialized for the removal of H2S, while benefiting from the same modular design and low pressure drops as the regular Nodora. 

Whether if it is handling an odor problem originating from H2S (couple ppm) to high-intensity off-gas streams from industries (thousands of ppm), Nodora Cat has a very high H2S removal efficiency, up to 95 %, with a long lifetime.

Nodora Cat has excellent synergy with the regular Nodora and our RENA Pro Ozone Systems to increase the lifetime and the fact that an industrial process stream may contain a large variety of pollutants aside from H2S with the highest efficiency possible.

Nodora odor control air treatment

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the Nodora Cat for your H2S-application.

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