Kitchen exhaust

The most efficient solutions & systems for treatment of kitchen exhaust air

Restaurants and commercial kitchens that are equipped with deep fryers, griddles, charbroilers or woks release many greasy compounds along with the exhaust air. Greasy exhaust air substantially increases the risk of fire, clogs the heat exchanger, and causes various odor problems in the area surrounding the commercial kitchen.

Such issues require highly efficient and reliable air treatment systems.

Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions is a high-performance ozone system for treating kitchen exhaust air, and the right solution for the task. The system will significantly improve fire safety, prevent the spread of foul odors, optimize heat recovery, lower the operational costs and reduce the environmental impact of the operation.

RENA commercial kitchen solutions.


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Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions complies with all current regulations and latest industry standards. More information about the current standards and regulations here.

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