Air treatment

The most efficient solutions & systems for air treatment

Ozonetech is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of state-of-the-art air treatment solutions and systems for various industrial and public utility applications.

We have compiled over 30 years of experience and know-how from designing, manufacturing and commissioning advanced ozone and oxidation solutions and systems, in order to develop the most efficient and sustainable air applications that not only solve our customers’ problem, but also create real business value, as well as lower the environmental impact of their business. Our approach is to always solve the problem by implementing a sustainable solution, regardless of the issue, application and industry.

We design our solutions to significantly reduce and, in most cases, completely remove all forms of organic and inorganic micro-pollutants, such as grease, aerosols, odor substances, airborne pathogens, and many other contaminants from the air.

Our plug-and-play solutions and systems are based on ozone oxidation and advanced oxidation process (AOP) technologies, which completely eliminate the need of chemicals and thereby reduce operational and maintenance costs.

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