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Ozonetech introduces the SMARTOZONE™ design concept


We have compiled all our experience and know-how from four decades of designing, manufacturing and commissioning advanced ozone systems and solutions for various applications, packaged into an advanced, yet very user-friendly design – The SMARTOZONE™ design concept.

SMARTOZONE™ combines engineering ingenuity, state-of-the-art technology, many years of experience and a user-friendliness into one design.

Ozonetech solutions and systems are designed according to the SMARTOZONE™ concept to provide the ultimate optimized yield in terms of treatment efficiency as well as operating and lifecycle cost.

Please read more below about the various applications of our SMARTOZONE™ solutions and how they can be used in your industry:

Solutions tailored to the strictest requirements and regulations

Air and water treatment is a complex task with unique characteristics, which require special consideration in order to comply with environmental regulations or company policies. We realize that our clients need tailored solutions and offer full-scale treatment systems based on pilot scale projects using our in-house experience and pilot facility.

We build our water and air treatment systems on a strong foundation of high-quality products. We offer both small- and large-scale ozone systems and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solutions for effective sanitation and disinfection of complex air and water treatment challenges.

Our plug-and-play solutions and systems are based on ozone oxidation and advanced oxidation process (AOP), completely eliminating the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals and reducing not only operating and maintenance costs but also the negative environmental impact.