UV water system

Effective UV disinfection

About UV treatment

The process of UV disinfection is highly effective at inactivating all microorganisms present in wastewater treatment plant effluent, pool systems, aquaculture and many other industries. It can also be used in combination with other treatment technologies such as ozonation for degradation of stable environmentally hazardous compounds. It is also a very effective dichlorination technology for industrial clean water processes where no chemicals are allowed. Another common application is in cooling towers where UV can be installed fast and easily into existing pipework with minimum downtime.

Wastewater treatment plant Inactivate residual bacteria in the final effluentDisinfected water to be released into the environment
Purified waterEnable chemical free water for industrial useBacteria and chemical free ultra-pure water
DechlorinationRemove chlorides and chlorine for drinking waterTop quality disinfected drinking water for consumers
Dissolved ozone destructionEliminate dissolved ozone residues before clean water processesProduction of non-oxidizing ultra-pure water after ozone disinfection

Our offering

Ozonetech offers a wide range of UV systems for any type of application and for any flow. We have a wealth of experience in clean water processes and treatment and disinfection of wastewater as well as advanced
oxidation processes using UV to help break down even the most difficult substances. Our UVFlex™ systems for water applications cover low, medium and high-pressure UV lamps in different configurations with
single or multiple lamp installation. We also offer the latest amalgam UV lamps.

UVFlex™ SystemsTypeApplication example
SX and SW rangeMedium pressure, single and multi-lamp Drinking water industry
ECLIn-line, medium pressure lampsDrinking water, food and beverage, aquatics
WFMedium pressureSwimming pools
UVLX 800Amalgam, low power, multi-lamp technologyDrinking water
UCLW 800Multi-lamp low-pressure, low power UV systemsIndustry and drinking water
UVLASingle and multi-lamp with axial style UV chamberProcess water, cooling towers, drinking water, wastewater, AOP

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Ozonetech delivered a complete ozone and UV system for disinfection and dissolved ozone destruction as final stage in a food plant in Estonia.

We provided an ozone-UV AOP process to combat high levels of pharmaceutical residues, with the UVLA amalgam system as part of an extension of the tertiary treatment step. The process produces highly reactive radicals to completely eliminate stable active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Process water disinfection was provided at a large process industry in Finland before use in their production line. The systems successfully remove bacteria, chlorine and dissolved ozone.

Low pressure UV systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLenght (mm)Power (W)Dry weight (kg)PDF
Medium pressure UV systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLength (mm)Power (kW)Dry weight (kg)PDF
UVM-273-821,4727.380 Datasheet
UVM-373-8 31,472 7.381Datasheet
UVM-473-10 41,472 7.3112Datasheet
UVM-673-12 51,4777.3164Datasheet
ECL – Medium pressure systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLenght (mm)Power (kW)Dry weight (kg)PDF
ECL-110-41449 1.1 20Datasheet
ECL-113-514791.43 26Datasheet
ECL-115-614991.65 25Datasheet
ECL-225-102599 5.556Datasheet
ECL-230-122649 6.668Datasheet
ECL-430-124649 13.280Datasheet
WF (WAFER) 1-4 LAMP Medium pressure UV systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLenght (mm)Power (kW)Dry weight (kg)PDF
WF-115-3 15201.65 27Datasheet
WF-115-41520 1.65 26Datasheet
WF-215-62635 3.357Datasheet
WF-215-82635 3.353Datasheet
WF-225-82635 5.553Datasheet
WF-230-1027956.6 80Datasheet
WF-430-12479513.2 90Datasheet
800 W Amalgam UV systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLenght (mm)Power (W)Dry weight(kg)PDF
LW 6800-1062,663800137Datasheet
LW 6800-1462,796800335Datasheet
LW 8800-1082,796800345 Datasheet
LW 16800-20163,079800460Datasheet
LW 20800-20203,079800463Datasheet
LW 22800-20223,079800645Datasheet
LW 30800-24303,079800655Datasheet
LW 30800-30303,0928001,145Datasheet
LW 45800-30453,0928001,032Datasheet
Standard Amalgam systems
UV System modelNumber of lampsLenght (mm)Power (W)Dry weight (kg)PDF
SLA-120-311,034132 5Datasheet
SLA-120-4 11,0341326Datasheet
SLA-200-311,311220 6Datasheet
SLA-200-4 11,311220 8Datasheet
SLA-340-3 11,734 3587Datasheet
SLA-340-411,734 35810Datasheet
Spectra II – Local control panel feautures
Ingress protectionIP54
Analogue signal Flow rate and UVT
Touch panel 7″
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
MaterialsSS304, SS316
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Synergy 2 – Local control panel feautures
Ingress protectionIP54
Touch panel
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Specifications Datasheet
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