UV disinfection and ozone destruction systems

The UV systems range can be used for a number of applications and purposes in various industrial applications for water disinfection or dissolved ozone destruction where applicable. The UV systems are delivered with control units as options. We cover a wide range of units with low to high pressure lamps.


  • Compact
  • In-line installation
  • Specifically designed for the complete range of RENA Water Systems
  • Different wavelengths for disinfection or dissolved ozone destruction
  • MODBUS and PROFIBUS/PROFINET communication protocol available

To view detailed information, see the table below.

UV system

UV system model Number of lamps Length (mm) Power (kW) Dry weight (kg) PDF
UVM-25-4 1 1043 2.5  30  Specifications
UVM-25-6 1 872 2.5  45  Specifications
UVM-73-4 1 1643 7.3  36  Specifications
UVM-273-8 2 1472 7.3  80  Specifications
UVM-373-8 3 1472 7.3  81  Specifications
UVM-473-10 4 1472 7.3  112  Specifications
UVM-673-12 6 1477 7.3  164  Specifications

Local control panel features

Features Description
Ingress protection IP54
Design Microprocessor
Analogue signal Flow rate and UVT
Touch panel 7"
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Materials SS304, SS316
Specifications Download

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