UV-C Air

High efficiency UV systems for air treatment

UV technology can be used for the reduction of pollutants such as odors or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in both commercial and industrial applications.

It is also common to utilize UV lamps for disinfection purposes. Ozonetech strives to achieve and offer the highest quality when it comes to treatment of both air and water, which is why we have developed high-performance UV systems as an addition to our portfolio.

UV systems have large synergies with ozone treatment as ozone absorbs specific wavelengths to create highly reactive radicals. These radicals have an even higher oxidation potential compared to ozone, which yield further opportunities and options regarding decomposition of pollutants. Read more about UV-based AOP.

Read more about our available UV systems for air treatment below.

UV-C Air 5151,800 – 5,400 m3/hModular UV system for air treatmentUV-C Air 515
UV-C Air 20307,200 – 10,800 m3/hApplied UV system for air treatment (Setup with UV-C Air 515)UV-C Air 515
UV-C Air 354512,600 – 16,200 m3/hApplied UV system for air treatment (Setup with UV-C Air 515)UV-C Air 515


  • Modular & flexible configuration
  • HP-lamps: high efficiency & less lamps required
  • Smart design for even flow exposure of lamps
  • Excellent synergy with RENA ozone (AOP)
  • Long lamp lifetime
  • Easy operation
  • User-friendly maintenance


Technical Specifications
General specifications
Operating temperature4 – 100 °C
Operating humidity0 – 99 % Relative humidity
Required free space for lamp replacement2 m minimum
Reactor chamber specifications
Reactor materialEN 1.4404 stainless steel
Lamp specifications
Lamp typeUV-C HP-lamp
Rated lifetime16,000 hours
Enveloping materialFused quartz
Ballast specifications
Operating modePre-heat ignition
Mains voltage220 – 240 V
Mains frequency50 – 60 Hz
Max. distance to lamp5 m
Operating temperature5 – 45 °C
Storage temperature-5 – 70 °C
HumidityMax. 80 %, non-condensing conditions
Power loss2 – 10 %
Depends on operating temperature and lamp cable length
Cooling of the unitExternal air cooling required

UV-C Air X

UV-C Air X is a high performance, energy efficient and tailor-made UV system. This option exists to further broad the application areas where UV technology and ozone treatment can be used in synergy (UV-based AOP), allowing for very high pollutant removal to abide the most stringent of emission standards.

The tailor-made X-series include HP-lamps, EN 1.4404 stainless steel and other beneficial features that UV-C Air 515 have. The table below show some of the components and options available for making your own UV-C Air X.


Reaction Chamber Reactor body with a volume between 1 to 3 m3, normally comprised of EN 1.4404 stainless steel material
UV lamp (HP)The most powerful low-pressure UV lamp for air treatment available on the market. Maximum effect in the most compact size.
Quartz sleeveProtecting sleeve for the UV lamp
Immersion tubeImmersion tube to connect the UV lamp with the reactor body
Control boxControl box for the UV reactor. Electronic ballasts, safety switch, cooling fan and alarms are included
Human-Machine Interface (HMI)Fully customizable depending on the needs of the customer; operational hour counter, lamp temperature, touch pad are some options
Weather-proof housingIn areas with condensing conditions indoors or operation outdoors, weatherproof housing can be supplied to protect the system

Do not hesistate to contact us to find out what UV-C Air X-system fits your application.