UV systems

A complete range of UV-disinfection systems

UV (Ultraviolet) is a well-established treatment technology for air, water and surface disinfection. UV is a form of electromagnetic radiation with several categories of rays in various wavelengths, all between visible light and x-ray. The UV rays are divided into UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum-UV.

UV disinfection technology (UV-C) is very popular partly for its ability to sterilize without the use of harmful chemicals.

UV-C rays penetrate the cells of a microorganism and disturb their metabolism until it is neutralized.

Ozonetech provides a complete range of UV systems for both air and water treatment both independently and as part of our combined technology solutions.

Our UV technology portfolio consists of:

  •  In-pipe UV reactors for water with integrated controls and ballast
  •  Open channel systems for high flow applications for drinking water and treatment plant disinfection
  • UV-C air systems in industrial and municipal applications

UV systems are gaining attraction in advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to help treat recalcitrant pollutants in combination with ozone technology or other oxidation processes.

See below the most common applications for the UV technology: