UV Systems

UV technology can be used for the reduction of pollutants such as odor or VOC removal in commercial and industrial applications.

The usage of UV lamps is also common for its disinfective properties. Ozonetech strive to offer and achieve premium quality treatment both for air and water applications and has therefore developed high performance UV systems as a supplement to our product portfolio.

Furthermore, UV systems have exceptional synergy with ozone treatment, as the specific wavelengths are absorbed to create highly reactive radicals that can treat an even wider range of compounds.

Read more about our current UV systems below.

Air Systems

UV-C Air 5151,800 - 5,400 m3/hModular UV system for air treatment applicationsUV-C Air 515
UV-C Air 2030
7,200 - 10,800 m3/hApplied UV system for air treatment (Setup with UV-C Air 515)UV-C Air 515
UV-C Air 3545
12,600 - 16,200 m3/hApplied UV system for air treatment (Setup with UV-C Air 515)UV-C Air 515

Water Systems

The UV Systems for water treatment are available in a large variety for handling of water in virtually any water application. The systems are utilizing medium-pressure lamps allowing for high intensity treatment of the polluted water. Below you can find compiled datasheets of the selection.

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