Ozone generator ICT

This series of ozone generators are built into a stainless steel cabinet with connections at the bottom for oxygen, ozone and cooling water. The electrical connections are also placed underneath, all quick couplings. The control unit reads all vital system parameters and gives an alarm via the relays and LED indication if any of the parameters are out of range. As an option the genertor can be connected to an external control box for extended features.


  • High ozone concentration
  • Compact Design
  • Adjustable ozone production level (20-100 %)
  • Built-in LED alarm and alarm relay for critical system parameters
  • Quick couplings for all electrical connections
  • Low noise level
  • 4-20 mA controllable (optional)
  • CE approved

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ModelProduction (max)Max conc.Nominal conc.Dimensions (HxWxD)WeightPDF
ICT-055 g/h240 g/Nm3140 g/Nm3300x200x155 mm8.5 kg Datasheet
ICT-05 Lab5 g/h240 g/Nm3140 g/Nm3300x200x155 mm8.5 kgPDF iconDatasheet
ICT-1010 g/h240 g/Nm370 g/Nm3300x200x155 mm8.5 kgPDF iconDatasheet
ICT-2020 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm21 kgPDF iconDatasheet
ICT-4040 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm22 kg Datasheet
ICT-6060 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm23 kg Datasheet
ICT-8080 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm26 kg Datasheet
ICT-100100 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm27 kg Datasheet
ICT-120120 g/h240 g/Nm3135 g/Nm3400x400x200 mm28 kg Datasheet

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