Ozone Destructors

Ozone destructors

Ozone off-gas can be treated with an ozone destructor, which converts ozone into oxygen rapidly and without emitting any toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.

All ozone destructors are complete with catalytic materials and quick coupling.

ModelCapacityRecommended ozone generatorPDF
Ozone Destructor OD-10015 l/minICT-seriesDatablad
Ozone Destructor OD-20030 l/minICT-series Datablad
Ozone Destructor OD-40065 l/minICT/DCT-series Datablad
Ozone Destructor OD-1000150 l/minICT/DCT-series Datablad
Ozone Destructor OD-5000830 l/minICT/DCT-series Datablad

If you are interested in our complete solutions for treating larger ozone flow rates, check the Contra Ozone Destruction solutions.

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