Ozonetech is a Swedish company founded in the early nineties. We develop and sell products based on proprietary ozone generation technology to purify, disinfect and deodorize air and water.

Our core technology was patented in 1996 and has since then been significantly developed and improved resulting in several new patents. Today we offer our clients state of the art technology which is unique on the market due its efficiency, reliability, low energy consumption and maintenance cost.

Company headquarters is located south of Stockholm, with offices in Finland, Estonia and Germany. Ozonetech's development, production, testing and certification of products take place in Stockholm.

Investors and Partners

Ozonetech is a privately held company owned by the Gilanpour family.

Through close cooperation with specifically chosen application partners, OEMs and distributors we are able to offer highly efficient, tailored ozone purification solutions.

Ozone tech