Why Ozone Tech Systems?

What’s Beneath the Surface?


A sleek and elegant design with a stainless steel finish is not everything, our main strength lies beneath the surface; a world-leading reliable technology, Swedish-made products, experienced staff and a comprehensive service organization. Details that may not always be seen at first glance, but still features that make our systems a bit better. We are convinced that you will notice the difference; if not today then certainly later on when our systems deliver stable operation and peace of mind in the years to come. Who knows ozone better than us? With over 20 years experience and a wide product range, we are confident that we can supply the right product for the right application.

Our Delivery

Industrial applications place very high demands regarding reliability and performance. Our patented technology delivers all this and more. The ICT ozone generators are high performance, yet affordable, industrial units that recently found another application – in the catering kitchens and exhaust ducts. The FTX ozone generators have lower capacity and therefore match the reduced needs one finds in smaller commercial kitchens.

Generators for commercial kitchens - both big and small

Our Staff

While products are important, we believe that an experienced and helpful staff is of equal, if not even greater, importance. To ensure the best possible performance we provide in-house design as well as consulting- , field- and installation services. There is always someone available to answer your questions. Never hesitate to contact us.

Our Service Organization

Our service organization gives you one of the highest functionality and accessibility, as well as peace of mind. Ozone Tech Systems’ monitoring service O3EyeTM, enables us to continuously monitor the operation of connected ozone generators. This allows us to meet the need for service before anything occurs and to respond immediately in case of a downtime.

Our Experience

Ozone Tech Systems was founded in 1993 and has since then offered a wide range of proprietary ozone generators for air and water treatment. All of our products are manufactured in Sweden and we have many years of experience from a variety of ozone applications. Through the years, we have gathered a large number of satisfied references. Our products are used to purify water (process, wastewater, drinking water, swimming pool water etc) and to purify the air. The air treatment includes exhaust from restaurants and commercial kitchens, cleaning of exhaust ducts and odor reduction to allow for heat recovery as well as treatment of odor problems from rotating heat exchangers (FTX) in residential buildings, grease traps, garbage rooms, reduction of environmental pollutants and mold, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), etc.

Our experience

Our Customer Focus

We think of ourselves as your extended arm and do our utmost to meet your specific needs. Making you and your clients happy is our way to keep our own business flourishing.

Our Safety Approach

We always recommend the use of an ozone monitor (also referred to as ozone sensor or ozone alarm). Its task is to turn off the ozone production if ozone concentrations in the ambient air exceed the allowed thresholds in the working space. While ozone is an amazing gas that has served mankind for over 100 years, you still need to have respect for ozone. Like chlorine, it is relatively harmless in low concentrations, irritating in a somewhat higher concentration and downright dangerous in very high concentrations.

Still Not Convinced? Ask Our Clients!

Nothing is as revealing as what our customers think about us. Ask us for references and talk to any of our customers. Ask them about us – Do they trust us? How have they been treated? How do we handle installations? We believe that your trust and confidence in our ability as a system supplier is just as important as our reliable products.