Ozone Academy

Our intention with the Ozone Academy is to provide an objective information center; a knowledge platform where we share our knowledge about air and water purification in order to raise awareness of ozone – what benefits there are and how to succeed with your projects.

Previously, the education has only been available for larger groups, but as it proved to be very popular and since more and more people come into contact with ozone treatment, we have chosen to go ahead and make the education accessible to a wider audience. The courses are limited to 30 people. The training takes place in Stockholm in Ozone Tech Systems’ own conference rooms. Contact us for more information.

Course Occations

Below are the dates for courses in Air Treatment in Commercial Kitchens. For Ozone Academys other courses, please contact us. The courses are usually half a day and free. We provide coffee and lunch.

No Planned Events

Courses in Air Treatment for Commercial Kitchens

Basic – How to Succeed

The course is intended mainly for those with no previous experience of ozone-based air treatment and purification. We share years of expertise and explain why ozone treatment for fat and odor reduction is rapidly increasingly in commercial kitchens and exhaust air treatment. We also show the added value that the method can result in:

  • Save money and reduce risks
  • Energy recovery
  • Fire risk reduction
  • Odor reduction
  • Lower cost for duct/ventilation maintenance
  • Reduced duct cost / materials in new constructions

Hocus pocus? No – we also explains what ozone is, how and why ozone treatment works.

Advanced Course

This course is for those who are already familiar with ozone treatment and its applications.

We go through the details of the conditions that affect design, dimensioning and calculation of an ozone-based purification system.

We also discuss different air treatment technologies including how to combine them such as activated carbon, UV, hydroxyl radicals, scrubbers, electrostatic treatment, etc.

Other courses

For Ozone Academys courses on other Air Treatment or Water, please contact us or go to www.ozonetech.com.