Cleaning Exhaust Ducts – A Greasy Problem

Our vision for the modern commercial kitchen is a kitchen that consumes significantly less energy while still offering better fire-protection, a safe and healthy work environment and little to no impact on nearby residents. In short: A kitchen in harmony with its surroundings.

By purifying the exhaust air and the kitchen flue duct you enable:

Why choose us?
Cleaning exhaust ducts enables many advantages

Ozone Tech Systems has offered efficient solutions for air treatment for more than 20 years.

Our ozone generators are designed and manufactured in Sweden, using ozone’s oxidative properties, sometimes individually and sometimes in combination with active carbon. Our air treatment technology removes pollutants from the exhaust air enabling a better heat recovery from the treated air.

How succeed with your ozone installation

We have compiled the most important things to consider in order to succeed with your ozone installation. Read more about the 20 things to consider to succeed with your ozone installation. It is important to use the right product for the right application.