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EN 16282 – New EU standard for ventilation in commercial kitchens

EU’s new standard for equipment in commercial kitchens is long-awaited and well-produced. It covers everything from the hood to the point of discharge. The work took 14 years and aims to harmonise competition within the EU as well as setting quality requirements for functionality, safety and the environment.

Air purifi cation technologies are described in part 8 where requirements are defi ned for equipment for treating kitchen extract air. The air treatment reduces fi re risk as well as odours. It is also a prerequisite for installing heat exchangers in the extract air stream for heat recovery.

The methodology is now spreading in Europe and will considerably reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. A driving force is the Ecodesign Directive, which states that products for heat recovery shall have a minimum thermal effi ciency of 73% as of 1st January, 2018.
We have read through the standard and what follows is a summary of how some of the treatment technologies are affected.   Read more about the new EU standard för ventilation in commercial kitchens 

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Studies have shown that restaurants are being built like never before and the number has increased by over 25 % in the past few years. There are over 10 million restaurants worldwide and almost all of them are energy hogs. They release hot and poorly purified exhaust air instead of cleaning it and recovering the energy.

Most people are unaware of the fact that every building releases unrecovered energy. By estimate, a restaurant with an exhaust flow of 5000 m3/h is letting out over 15 000 EUR worth of energy – much of which could have been recovered with correct air treatment.

A lot of knowledge and know-how is required in order to succeed in this field. Let us guide you! Read more about air treatment for kitchen exhaust and flue ducts

Examples of loss in Euros
Examples of loss in Euros based on flow and percentage efficiency of purification of the channels, calculated at 40°C exhaust temperature 24h/day, 300 days/year.

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