Ratina shopping center recovers 70,000 m3/h of clean hot air!

2018-04-20 11:45:00

Ozone Air Treatment for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens ExhaustOne of Finland’s largest shopping malls, Ratina, has opened their doors in Tampere for the first time. The mall is open 14 hours per day, 7 days a week and designed with meticulous precision and state of the art technology right through, and of course with energy efficiency in mind.

Ozonetech has designed, supplied and installed the ozone solution, together with our certified partner. The system treats a whopping total exhaust airflow of nearly 70,000 m3/h!

This grease-reduced air makes it possible to recover heat energy over 2 TWh annually, corresponding to savings up to MEUR 2 in energy costs, and over 800 tons of reduced CO2 emissions.

About Ratina

Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere, is an urban meeting place in the heart of the city. It offers an inviting combination of fashion, delicious food, groceries, decoration and beauty and health services. Easy to reach, Ratina is the perfect place for people to come together for shopping, events and good food. More than 100 shops and services in the best spot in the city.

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