Purifying 3400ppm VOC for Dutch wood producer

2019-05-17 10:45:00

A newly invented process to treat wood for changing particular properties caused high pollutant emissions, causing odor problems in the surrounding environment. Due to complaints, the local authorities demanded that a purification step had to be added into their process. Different technologies were evaluated such as activated carbons and alumina beads impregnated with potassium permanganate, but none worked satisfactory.

Extremely high concentrations of complex pollutants (3400 ppm) mostly composed by pinenes, limonene, hexanoic and heptanoic acids, had to be removed. In addition, the local authorities require an odor removal of 90%.

The system solution incorporates the RENA Pro B3 ozone system and the Nodora AOP UV reactor to enhance radical formation to augment VOC destruction kinetics.

The customer is very satisfied. After authorities taking samples we can ensure a purification quality close to 100% and no odor is now emitted from the process.

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