Ozonetech Chosen by Metropolitan Drinking Water Operator

2018-02-08 11:15:00

Ozonetech Chosen by Metropolitan Drinking Water Operator

One of the major challenges for the future drinking water plants in Sweden is to reduce the chemical consumption and avoid the release of micro pollutants such as pharmaceutical residues and toxins into the drinking water.

As a part of this goal, a major metropolitan drinking water operator has turned to Ozonetech to supply RENA™, a turn-key ozone system, in order to scale the water supply capacity 100 years into the future.

Ozonetech will be part of the design and research team behind this project, as well as producing, installing and commissioning the water treatment system.

"Along with the company's goal to provide clean and safe water today and tomorrow, Ozonetech is excited to present the market's most complete ozone systems in this project. We’re confident that this will be a ground breaking project, setting the standard for water treatment in the future.", says Behrooz Gilanpour, CEO.

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