Ozone Treatment for Disinfection

2015-03-31 10:30:00

Ozone Tech Systems OTS AB is proud to be have been chosen as supplier for a full-scale CIP system for the food and hygiene industry.

Client Goals

The client has years of experience with disinfection with ozone, but has now chosen to upgrade their system to achieve higher availability, ozone concentration and even lower operation costs.

The ozone system delivers drinking water with high ozone concentration for disinfection of crops and subsequent step in the refining process.

By using ozone water the client lowers the risk of micro bacterial contamination from the crop surface, increases lifespan of the ingoing raw material in the production chain, lowers risk of contamination from process equipment and has the opportunity to recirculate the rinsing water in greater extent.

Benefits of Ozone Purification

The benefits of using ozone for disinfection are many – quick disinfection at low concentrations, no impact on taste and appearance of the product, ozone is produced on site – no transportation/handling of chemicals and lack of hazardous byproducts are just a few.

System Properties

The water treatment system is fully automatic, energy efficient, compact and fully selfregulating with a built-in touch panel. The client only needs to connect ingoing and outgoing water, and electricity. The built-in control panel can also be connected to external control systems if desired.

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