Ozone @ Zoo purifies Polar Bear water

2017-09-27 10:30:00

The polar bears at Tallinn Zoo will get a larger and healthier home this year. It's about time since the old one is too small for one of the planets largest predators. The staff has since long been worried about their living conditions and therefore started a collection to build a new home for them.

An essential part of the new home is clean and healthy water. The water purification was carefully planned and ozone plays an important role. As ozone oxidizes micro-organisms and bacteria, ozone also works as a flocculation booster. Dissolving ozone into the protein skimmers creates ultra-clear water for the polar bears. In this case we are injecting ozone into four skimmers to enhance their performance.

Thanks to this installation, the visitors will now see these fantastic animals under water with higher clarity which will substantially enhance the zoo experience.

We are proud that our RENA™ Pro C-series now contributes to the state-of-the-art zoo in Estonia.

Polar Bears at Tallin Zoo can now enjoy ozone-purified water

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