New Series of Cooling Systems

2018-03-12 14:30:00

Closed Cooling System for Ozone Generator

We at Ozonetech care about maintaining the quality of the entire chain, from individual components to the entire system.

For optimal ozone production and reliability over time, efficient cooling of an ozone generator is essential, regardless of the manufacturer or model. And liquid cooling is known as one of the most effective methods.

We have therefore developed our own series of compact automatic closed cooling systems for our RENA™ ozone system. They have built-in possibility of remote reading of the temperature in and around the system, as well as automatic adjustment of cooling needs for maximum energy efficiency. The system also comes with the option of setting the desired cooling temperature.

We have already begun offering this system to all our new customers, but have made sure that even existing installations are able to switch to this solution without a major upgrades.


Ozonetech's RENA ™ system has been installed in six continents and is characterized by their compact design, high reliability and optimal ozone production over time. The systems can also be equipped with remote monitoring via Ozonetech's O3EYE™ for easy remote monitoring and to prevent/rectify errors in the most effective way.

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