Multi-million SEK Odor Removal Contract

2018-07-27 14:45:00

Ozone Treatment for Odor Removal from Yeast FactoryWe are happy to announce the recent signing of a significant contract with the largest yeast producer in the Nordics. The intense activities in their production site were causing odor problems and land value depreciation worth in excess of millions of EUR.

This case had tough requirements, especially due to the high concentration of air pollutants, with peaks higher than 6000 ppm. However, we at Ozonetech dedicated all our engineering efforts to designing a tailor-made solution for advanced air treatment.

Ozone treatment will be combined with integrated technologies: catalytic oxidation and surface adsorption for having the most effective removal of the air contaminants. Surrounding land will experience clean air and will no longer be disturbed by the intrusive odors.

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