Delivery to International Food Producer

2016-03-07 09:15:00

Ozone Water Treatment System

A classic Swedish food producer with good ozone treatment experience expands its capacity.

We are honored to receive the trust of a well-established food industry on the Swedish west coast. Our client has for about 20 years utilized ozone for disinfection of their process equipment after the washing process and wants to supplement their existing facility with a higher capacity and technical level.

Ozone, an already well-known and proven disinfectant, is the smart choice. The possibility for significant cost-reduction by savings of water, setup time, energy and chemicals is part of the concept. The end result is as good, or even better, than traditional methods, depending on how a plant is designed and used.

We are convinced that ozone disinfection is the future of a safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly production.

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