Healthier babies make vegetable lovers happy

2017-09-06 08:45:00

A leading, award-winning Scandinavian company specialized in growing ecological baby carrots has chosen Ozonetech as a supplier.

The last rinsing stage of the carrots is crucial. The cleaner the carrots are when packed, the longer shelf-life they get both in the grocery shops and the consumer’s fridges.

The company has used well purified rinsing water since long, as most vegetable producers do, but there might still be bacteria left in the process. They turned to us for an ozone based solution and was extra keen on eliminating the Yersinia bacteria. Our research and following tests on the suggested system proved very effective and the client chose our turn-key premium RENA Vivo B-series. 

The solution incorporates integrated high pressure ozone injection with high transfer efficiency, stability and effective automatic ozone degassing. The control system regulates ozone production to the required ozone levels in the rinse water. The problematic microorganism Yersinia is now effectively eliminated before product packaging.

"It’s satisfying being able to improve our clients’ water purification systems. Once again our technology has provided a stable and reliable disinfection for the food and beverage industry", says John Lindam, project engineer at Ozonetech.

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