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RENA Pro brochure

Reliable, easy to handle and top-performing ozone solution

RENA Pro is state-of-the-art. For us, this means three things. The treatment capacity is extremely high. The component quality is consistently high in the smallest detail – which ensures long system lifetime with sustained performance. And last but not least, the system is user-friendly. Read more in our brochure.

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Nodora Brochure

Innovative modular system for effective odor removal

Nodora is our latest innovation for air treatment. It is a modular and flexible system for all types of odor problems and can handle both large airflows and high loads. Nodora is a complement to our family of RENA ozone systems and offers tailored solutions for both industry and commercial real estate. Download the brochure and read about the opportunities that Nodora creates.

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Biogas Brochure

Odor reduction for biogas plants

A biogas plant produces a lot of smells in its operations. For example, at the reception, sorting, hygienization, digestion, discharge, etc. These smells often disturb the adjacent areas and may also be harmful to those in the plant. The RENA Pro system offers an effective solution. Download the brochure to read more.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies


Tierp Case study

Case with detailed graphs comparing H2S concentrations before and after we were called in 

This case from a wastewater treatment plant includes interesting treatment results. The concentrations of hydrogen sulfide were measured at three occasions: with no air treatment, with the former suppliers’ ozone treatment and with our ozone treatment. The RENA Pro system solved the task, the H2S concentration dropped 87% - have a look.

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