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With an ever-growing world population, urbanization and industrialization, the need for clean air and water is constantly increasing, both for consumption and for industrial processes. The demand for advanced treatment of water and air is driven by the emerging needs of more efficient and sustainable solutions as well as more challenging pollutants. 

Currently available thesis projects:

Are you interested in carrying out your thesis project at a rapidly growing cleantech company ahead of its industry? Welcome to apply for one of our currently available thesis project:

Adsorption and ozonation testing for air treatment applications

Modeling of reuse energy system for heat exchanger in swimming pool

CFD modeling of cooling system for ozone generator

Micro pollutants treatment and water reuse

CO2 capture system development 

Our master thesis program offers an excellent opportunity to get a good understanding of the fundaments of our company, what solutions and services we offer to the world and what challenges we face in our everyday work.

Contributing to form the minds of the future is a high priority for us at Ozonetech. Many of our current employees started their careers by carrying out a thesis project at one of our business areas.

You are welcome to apply by filling out this contact form and please attach your CV including a list of your completed exams and received grades. For questions, please use the same contact form.

We look forward to your application!

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