Heat recycling

Rotating Heat Exchangers and Ozone

Ozone generator for energy recycling with rotating heat exchanger
  1. FTX Ozone Generator
  2. Heat Exchanger
  3. Air Supply
  4. Air Exhaust

Buildings with air supply and exhaust systems allow for both heating and cleaning the air supply. It is also possible to renovate older buildings for balanced ventilation systems, which entails adding a new air supply system, with the help of fans, to the existing exhaust system.

In order to maximise energy savings, the system design should make the most of the heat existing in the exhaust air to heat up the air supply.

Such solutions result in significant cost savings. Rotating (regenerative) heat exchangers can reduce the air supply heating energy consumption by up to 85%, significantly improving the building's running costs, not to mention reducing its carbon footprint.

Cooking and other odours in the exhaust air are easily transferred to other properties by the heat recovery ventilation equipment. This is avoidable by using small, controlled amounts of ozone. Our FTX series ozone generators effectively break down odours in the exhaust air before it reaches the heat exchanger's fan.

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