Air Conditioning

treatment of air conditioning system with ozone

The collection of particulate organic material and condensation of moisture that occurs around the drip pans, condensation coils and duct work of air conditioning units creates the perfect environment for the growth of bio films. Not only do these lead to high levels of fungi and bacteria that become airborne and get transported around the building via air recirculation, but they also reduce the efficiency and heat transfer of the systems. Airborne bacteria and fungi do not only present a major health hazard but also bad smell.

By treating the air conditioning system with ozone, you can prevent the build up of bio films, and consequently the build up of bacteria and fungi. This will eliminate bad smell and the spread of health problems such as allergies, rashes, colds, viruses and legionnaires disease. Ozone is not only the most powerful oxidant treatment there is, but the equipment has very low maintenance costs, consequently making ozone not only the most efficient treatment option, but also one of the simplest.

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