Solutions & systems for kitchen exhaust

Restaurants and commercial kitchens equipped with deep fryers, griddles, woks or frying tables require air treatment systems with high efficiency and reliability.

The kitchen should be fireproof and efficient in terms of grease/odor removal and costs.

Ett hållbart kök har effektiv luftrening

In order to properly remove grease and odors in the kitchen exhaust, high treatment capacity is required. In our experience the RENA Kitchen Solutions, our high-performance ozone system, is the right solution for the task. These products have previously only been available for the industrial market, but since 2015, we have made it possible to utilize their unique advantages for all types of restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Ozonsystem RENA Storkök
RENA commercial kitchen solutions

 In cases with extra high requirements; for example, where potential odor problems may limit the scope of a kitchen design project or revoke the permission to run a commercial kitchen, our RENA-technology can be combined with our efficient odor removal solution Nodora.  

However, in real estates, odors may originate from other areas aside from the kitchen. Our ozone generators in the ACT-series are a perfect choice for removing odors in garbage rooms and grease traps.

Nodora luktrening  Ozongenerator ACT-3000  Ozongenerator ACT-3000P
Nodora odor removal Garbage rooms Grease traps

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