A sustainable alternative

Ozonrening minskar miljöpåverkan

A naturally occurring gas

Ozone is a gas that is naturally present in our environment. It is formed when oxygen, consisting of two oxygen atoms, is subjected to energy from lightning or UV rays. Ozone has a high oxidation potential, which means that it is prone to reacting with other compounds in complete oxidation reactions.

However, ozone is also an unstable molecule, which means that it will spontaneously “revert” into oxygen-molecules if there is no available compound to oxidize.

Ozone has a short half-life, especially when compared to other household cleaning chemicals e.g. sodium hypochlorite that has a half-life of several years depending on the ambient conditions.

Our solutions generate ozone on site using minimal amounts of oxygen from ambient air. This lowers environmental impact compared to other purification methods.

  • No frequent purchases, transports, storing or replenishment of chemicals/bacteria
  • No handling of chemicals
  • The only requirement is electricity

Treating the kitchen exhaust with ozone enables savings such as:

Bevara inte bara miljön, utan också dina utgifter

  • Heating costs, up to 80%
  • Duct cleaning, occurs less frequently, which means less downtime for the business
  • Total energy consumption, up to 30%!

Read more about ozone here. If you want to deepen your knowledge about ozone treatment, feel free to apply to one of our free courses through Ozone Academy!

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