Lower operational costs

Rena köksfrånluften och tjäna pengar!

Heat recovery, chemical usage, duct cleaning and general maintenance are all important parameters regarding operational costs in commercial kitchens.

The economy of the property (sometimes even the tenants) gain from utilizing ozone treatment:

  • Optimized heat recovery leads to lower heating costs
  • No usage of chemicals, ozone is produced from ambient air. This means that no frequent purchases, transports, storing, or use of chemicals or bacteria is required.
  • Less duct cleaning, the frequency of mandatory duct cleaning sessions is minimized when the grease is removed before it sticks to any surface.

Cleaning of the kitchen exhaust duct

The ventilation system in a kitchen serves to dissipate heat, moisture, grease, cooking fumes and to provide a fresh air supply.

Fat deposits in the exhaust ducts is one of the greatest threats to a commercial kitchen. Grease is flammable, burning at high temperatures and can lead to large, uncontrollable fires that are difficult  to extinguish. Consequently, all exhaust ducts in restaurants and commercial kitchens should be regularly cleaned to minimize the fire hazard.

Restaurants are the most energy consuming buildings

Ozone breaks down grease particles and aerosols in the air on a molecular level. Similarly to how a scissor cuts a fine thread, the ozone “cuts” the organic (carbon) chains in the fat molecules to generate carbon dioxide, water and some dust. The interior of the exhaust duct and pre-filter can therefore remain clean from fat deposits, which drastically lowers the need for duct cleaning.

The frequency of exhaust duct cleaning is commonly determined by the local municipality and usually regulated by the safety/fire code in order to prevent chimney and kitchen flue fires.

The duct cleaning process depends on the layout of the ventilation system. Typically the duct, fan and ventilation unit are sprayed with hot water and grease solvent to remove flammable fat deposits.

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