Ozone Science & Engineering

In this section we have gathered both internally produced white papers about our technology and expertise, as well as externally available reports from independent institutions concerning the efficacy of ozone. Read more in the descriptions below and download these documents.



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Welcome to HELS - Reliable, efficient and electrode-free ozone technology

Did you know our ozone technology is unique and offers the most compact ozone generators on the market? This white paper highlights the key features of what make our systems and products special.


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Design of High Efficiency Ozone Water Systems - Key Factors for Success

Ozone water treatment is a growing market. However, many factors need to taken into consideration in order to truly succeed with implementation, reliable results and highest possible efficiency. Ozonetech delivers complete turn-key systems with all aspects of high performance considered. Read about how we do it in this fresh white paper.


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Environmental Protection Agency - Water Treatment Manual: Disinfection

Disinfection of drinking water world wide is performed at high stakes. This benchmarking report compares all currenctly available disinfection technologies today. It can be confirmed by these independent studies that ozone is the most efficient commercially available disinfection method today. The report quantifies the key performance indicators and gives an overview of technical challenges pertaining to all covered technologies.


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World Health Organization - Water Treatment and Pathogen Control

This WHO report discusses factors for success for most effectively eliminating various pathogens in drinking water, which pose severe problems for populations world wide. Ozone is highlighted as a safe, proven and reliable method for eliminating the complete spectrum of pathogens.

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