Less odor problems

Reducera lukter med ozon

Cooking fumes contain a large variety of compounds that yield odors (odor molecules). Rancid fat deposits may also contribute to bad odors through the exhaust air that can disturb nearby residents. Bacteria that thrive on fat-based compounds may also emit odorous compounds. The odor compounds from cooking are normally volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that, in contact with ozone, is oxidized to form water, carbon dioxide and some dust.

In addition to increased fire safety and efficient energy recovery, odor reduction is one of the main reasons for using ozone-based air purification.

  • Continuous and reliable purification of air with ozone reduces the emission of cooking fumes considerably. This leads to a reduced risk of complaints from neighbors who may be disturbed by the smell
  • Requirements for odor reduction are much greater if the exhaust duct is positioned close to residential buildings. In these cases, a complete odor treatment solution should be considered.

If a restaurant business receives complaints about bad odors, the municipality may require that measures are taken in order to be allowed to continue the business. In urban areas, ozone purification of exhaust air may be the difference between obtaining permission or not for running a restaurant business.

Restaurant closes due to neighbor's odor complaints

Klagomål på dålig lukt från matos kan ge grova konsekvenser

A small complaint from neighbors due to cooking odors can grow to an unmanageable problem.

Odor is something highly subjective and complaints from the neighbors due to cooking odors are never good for business. In a worst case scenario, the landlord or authorities become involved inevitably forcing the restaurant to close.

However, odors are a difficult field due to the lack of good benchmarks or instruments for detecting/measuring it. This means that authorities are often forced to make an assessment based on a subjective perception of smell. A certain smell may be allowed to occur, but it is always on a case-by-case basis depending on the intensity, duration, frequency, time of day and more. If the authorities consider the smell unacceptable they may demand action.

Problems regarding smell won’t go away by themselves as long as the source and conditions remain unchanged. Actions are required and ozone treatment can be used for odor reduction, eliminating or at least limiting the problem.

A bureaucratic term may be “interference” or “nuisance”, but we are essentially talking about a bad odor. Firstly, the complaints are addressed to the property owner and/or restaurant owner (they usually have a shared responsibility). If the complaints are ignored, the next instance is usually the authorities.

Therefore, it is important to take a number of factors into account during the design phase:

  • Are there residents in the vicinity of the restaurant?
  • Where is the exhaust air discharged from the kitchen?
  • Type of cooking?

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Nodora odor removal

Rena lukterna med Nodora

Nodora is our in-house developed solution for the treatment of any type of odor problem. Nodora is a perfect complement to our RENA-system to achieve high-efficiency purification of large and heavily polluted flows.

Nodora is designed to fit most common applications and is therefore of a modular design to enable high efficiency odor removal depending on airflow, the degree of pollution and requirements. In addition, the product has been designed to operate with minimal pressure drops to broaden the number of application areas without the need for replacing fans or generators.

A combination of RENA Kitchen Solutions and Nodora allows for more opportunities during the design phase of a commercial kitchen establishment. Odorous exhaust air can be treated and discharged in sensitive areas such as at ground level close to residential areas.

For more information, learn more about Nodora here or download our brochure.

Case studies - Odor removal

Odors and odor problems are complex and a science in its own right. To remove 50% of the odorous compounds in the kitchen exhaust is rarely representative of 50% removal of the perceived odor.

All odor compounds have their own unique odor threshold (level at which it can be perceived) and odor intensity. With more than 25 years of experience and in-depth research, we are currently able to deliver odor removal solutions that are tailor-made for each project’s own specifications and requirements.

Read more in the following case studies (you can find more in downloads).

Nodora och RENA behandlar lukter på exklusiv nattklubb Minimerad lukt från kolgrill med RENA Akademiska renar lukterna med ozon

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