Standards and industry recommendations


In addition to the obvious benefits of cleaning the exhaust air from kitchens and restaurants, industry standards and recommendations are essential to take into account in order to achieve a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Standards and recommendations aim to harmonize the requirements for technical solutions and the entrepreneurs delivering them.

EN 16282 - New EU standard for ventilation in commercial kitchens

EU’s new standard for equipment in commercial kitchens is long-awaited and well-produced. It covers everything from the hood to the point of discharge. It took 14 years to finalize and aims to harmonize competition within the EU as well as setting quality requirements for functionality, safety and the environment.

EN 16282 - New EU standard for ventilation in commercial kitchens

Air purification technologies are described in part 8 where requirements are defined for equipment for treating kitchen exhaust air. The air treatment reduces fire hazards as well as problems with odors. It is also a prerequisite for installing heat exchangers in the exhaust air stream enabling heat recovery.

The new EU standard has had a great response and is quickly spreading across Europe resulting in considerable reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. A driving force is the Ecodesign Directive, which states that heat recovery used in real estates shall have a minimum thermal efficiency of 68% for battery-based heat exchangers and 73% for plate-/countercurrent heat exchangers by January 1, 2018.

We have read the standard thoroughly and made a summary of how some of the treatment technologies are affected.

Read more about the new EU standard here or download our brochure here.

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