Other applications - Air Treatment with Ozone

Ozone treatment can also be used in many other air treatment applications such as the following:

Air conditioning:
Airborne bacteria and fungi is a health hazard and source of bad smell in air conditioning systems. Ozone can prevent formation of biofilms and eliminate airborne spores, viruses and bacteria.

Air disinfection:
Ozone may be used to disinfect large air volumes, such as hospital waiting rooms. Killing bacteria, spores and viruses. As such ozone is a good choice to reduce the spread of disease in closed spaces.

Food storage:
Reducing the presence of microorganisms is vital for the preservation of most food stocks. By employing ozone treatment, microorganisms can be eliminated in all stages between production, storage and packaging.

Heat recycling:
Ozonetech offers heat saving systems together with ozone treatment as a way to add value for the costumer and utilize energy which otherwise might be wasted.

Hotel Rooms:
Ozone treatment is an environmentally friendly and very efficient method for removing bad smell from mold, tobacco smoke, sweat, garbage, food etc.

Mold & Mildew removal:
Mold spores is largely present in everyday life, provided good growth conditions the spores of mold and Mildew will grow. Ozone treatment is a powerful solution used for combating Mold and Mildew issues, simple, powerful and safe for the environment.

Smoking Rooms:
Due to the almost constant exposure to smoke in these rooms, it can become a revolting experience entering such rooms, even for those who smoke. Ozone treatment can leave the room odour-free as the gas reacts with the smoke molecules, effectively separating them and allowing them to dissipate and thus making the areas more welcoming to guests.

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