Simple air treatment with the ACT-series

Ozone treatment is an effective way to sanitize, disinfect and treat various types of odor problems. The treatment is simple and effective, and there are many application areas.

ACT-series - ozone treatment
The ACT series is designed for professional sanitation and disinfection in industries, services and municipal operations.

Sanitizing fire odors can be carried out in commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants, school kitchens, workshops, storage rooms, garages and other properties.

Water damage sanitation can be carried out in properties, basements, houses, warehouses, garages, wet rooms, changing rooms, bathhouses and toilets.

Ozone treatment is an environmentally friendly and effective way to freshen up rooms by removing bad odors from mold, tobacco, sweat, garbage and food.

Ozone can be used to prevent biological buildup and minimize airborne spores, viruses and bacteria in air conditioning systems.

Ozone can eliminate mold both in the air and on surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, insulation, tiles, wood and bricks.

If the odor interferes with the environment, ozone can minimize the problem. The ozone is produced near the pump pit and is then directed down into the pit continuously.

Ozone can treat odors in all types of rooms, for example in conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms, residences and changing rooms.

Sanitation of smoke odor can be carried out in smoking rooms, hotel rooms, housing and other areas where smoke odors are a problem.

The ACT-3000 can be used in small digester chambers such as on agricultural farms to break down the odor that forms during the digestion.

With ozone treatment, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses can be eliminated during all stages of production, storage and packaging.

Disinfection of viruses and bacteria can be used in hospitals and health care facilities, in buses, taxis, trains, schools, ambulances and restaurants.