Hotel Rooms

Ozone generator / air purifier to remove smell from hotel room

There is nothing that will give a newly arrived hotel guest a bad impression like a room which smells musty or otherwise has an unwanted odor. The guest will wonder if the room has actually been cleaned. It might even tarnish the hotel's hard earned reputation.

Ozone treatment is an environmentally friendly and very efficient method for removing bad smell from mold, tobacco smoke, sweat, garbage, food etc.

The ozone's powerful purifying qualities will only after a brief ozone treatment remove unwanted odors. It is important to not compare ozone treatment with other methods which only mask the smell with other "perfumes" - it eliminates the source of the odor. The air will be clean and the room can be shortly thereafter used by new guests.

Our products only require the air in the room to produce ozone and to a very low cost. Treatment of a room of 30 m3 usually lasts 15 - 30 minutes at a cost of less than a penny. This method also makes cleaning of carpets, curtains and other textiles less frequently required.

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