Grease Traps

Ozone treatment of odors from Grease Traps

Ozone treatment of odors from Grease Traps

In accordance with EN1825-1, grease traps must be installed if there is a risk of a more than insignificant amount of grease being washed into the sewers. In most cases, grease traps are necessary for properties with restaurants and large scale catering establishments as tenants.

Grease present in wastewater causes problems in sewage pipes and pumping stations. The grease accumulates in the plumbing network, which can cause blockages resulting in backups and the release of untreated wastewater into the local watercourse. The accumulated grease can also cause problems due to hydrogen sulphide production, incurring the risk of corrosion damage in plumbing, as well as occupational health and safety risks.

Even if the greasetrap is a necessity, it almost always poses a problem for nearby tenants. The smell from the trap often spreads through ventilation channels, exhaust pipes or directly from its location.

Ozone eliminates the odors and microorganisms very quickly, effectively and without leaving behind any chemical byproducts. By introducing ozone it is possible to eliminate the spread of these odors as well as significantly improving the hygiene of the area.

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