Food Storage

Ozone treatment for food storage and pre-packing

Due to ozone's potency as an oxidant, use in food storage is a perfect application area. It can be utilised as a gaseous fumigant within a number of phases of food storage, including storage rooms, coolers, silos, and transport vehicles, fulfilling a number of functions in each stage.

Two of the main areas in which ozone can be most fruitfully utilised are within the pre-packing stage of production for products such as meat and poultry, and the storage of directly harvested products, such as potatoes. Ozone treatment of products prior to packing dramatically reduces bacteria levels, as well as controlling listeria and other pathogens, helping to extend the shelf life of the products. As well as the products being treated, the equipment that is used in the production process can be treated at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency of the process. Ozone treatment is also safe for ready-to-eat products as well as those that require further preparation. With the storage of harvested products, such as potatoes, ozone treatment implies that the problem of products rotting is greatly reduced due to ozone's ability to eliminate the harmful bacteria, such as Erwinia in the case of potatoes that cause the rot.

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