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Kitchen Exhaust Guide Part 1

This is a basic introduction to why the kitchen duct air should be treated: making energy recovery possible, reducing odors, minimizing duct cleaning costs and close to eliminating the risk of fire. 

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Kitchen Exhaust Guide Part 2

The Part 2 explains differences between high- and low performance air treatment solutions. The guide also illustrates installation principles and lists 20 key factors to consider to ensure a successful installation.

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The RENA system solution for air treatment in commercial kitchens

When you have decided to take a closer look at ozone air treatment in commercial kitchens, this is the brochure to read. It presents our family of RENA solutions – the system parts, sizing guidelines and specifications.

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High-performance or low-performance ozone systems?

Oxygen-fed or air-fed ozone generator? What’s the differences, and do they matter? (The EU thinks it matters and have acted accordingly). Go through the 21 listed comparisons and form your own opinion.

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The new EU standard – a step closer sustainable commercial kitchens

The EN 16282 standard for commercial kitchen ventilation was released in autumn 2017. This leaflet comments on the new regulations for the major duct air treatment methods. Before choosing treatment method, take a minute to read this.

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The grease must be removed

Do you want to maximize the energy recovery from your commercial kitchen? The trick is to continuously remove the fat from the duct air before it reaches the heat exchanger. This is the how-to-guide.

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Innovative modular system for effective odor removal

Nodora is our latest air treatment innovation with a highly modularized design for all types of odor problems. Nodora complements our RENA family with high grade air polishing for a wide range of air flows and loads.

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Shopping mall

Kitchen exhaust treatment in shopping centers

Many shopping centers have chosen to install our systems and one much appreciated benefit is that multiple restaurants can be served by one RENA ozone system.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies



Spotless galley ducts after 12 months of operation

At sea you need equipment that works

Stena Line decided to set up their own test of the installed RENA system on Stena Danica. 12 months later they opened the hatch on the galley duct to have a look. This is what they saw.

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Yacht of all yachts installs a RENA kitchen solution

Eclipse, one of the most prominent state-of-the-art mega yachts, upgraded their current kitchen exhaust treatment to a complete RENA solution. Along with a missile detection system and two helicopter pads, the owner of Eclipse and Chelsea Football Club, wanted nothing else than a treatment system in line with the high standards of the yacht. 

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Scandinavia's largest shopping mall hand-picked us to treat exhaust air from 25 restaurants

Unibail-Rodamco, the contractor and Europe’s largest shopping mall owner, choose us to treat the exhaust air from 25 restaurants in Mall of Scandinavia. Since the opening in November 2015, the operation is stable, efficient and provides clean exhaust ducts. Mall of Scandinavia of course recover the hot, purified exhaust air. The annual results: 6 GWh saved, and 2.000 tons less carbon dioxide released.

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Bistro Broms - where only the best is good enough

Oscar Properties is probably the most prominent property developer in Sweden. This exclusively renovated property is situated in the residential area of Östermalm in Stockholm. The bistro at the street level required an effective and reliable solution to maximize energy recovery and avoid odor complaints from the neighbors. 

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The Municipality of Gothenburg – a pioneer in energy recovery

This is the story of how the municipality of Gothenburg not only set very tough energy and environmental requirements for their property stock, but also became a pioneer in optimizing ventilation and recovering energy from commercial kitchens.


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Kitchen exhaust treatment at international head office

Atrium Ljungberg is one of the major real estate companies in Sweden. They were among the first (2011) to begin using the ozone air treatment in kitchen exhausts for their many industrial properties. This is the report on the installation at Atlas Copco’s head office in Stockholm.

Download: Swedish


The Burger King installation at the busiest central railway station in Scandinavia

Jernhusen, a major Swedish real estate owner is a pioneer in the kitchen exhaust air treatment. This is the case study of the installation of our RENA system in the Burger King restaurant in the Stockholm Central Railway Station.

Download: Swedish


The win-win installation at O’Learys Sports Bar  

Apart from the energy “win” the property owner Atrium Ljungberg and the O’Learys also “won” sharply minimized fire risk from frying large volumes of hamburgers. Importantly, since many of Atrium Ljungbergs properties contain hamburger restaurants.

Download: Swedish


Odor and fire risk reduction at state owned real estate company

Akademiska Hus manages properties where 300.000 people studies, research and works. The property owner choose ozone air treatment for their restaurants to overcome odor problems and reduce maintenance cost. 

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Highest possible ambitions at new nightclub - RENA and Nodora in beautiful cooperation

This case exhibits a high-class solution where the energy from the kitchen is recovered and the air which is let out to the nearby residential courtyard is thoroughly cleaned to avoid odor complaints from the residents.

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The charcoal odor challenge – solved by the new RENA Pro air treatment system

The RENA Pro is a series of air treatment systems developed to handle tough odor problems. In this case RENA Pro successfully reduced odors from the hard to treat charcoal fumes.

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Case Study Ringen

Ringen Centrum – utilizes RENA Kitchen Solutions and a tailor-made odor solution to heat up the garage

AMF Fastigheter specializes in creating urban rooms where people want to be. Ringen Centrum is no exception. The food theater is also benefitting from maximized fire safety and energy recovery by the means of RENA Kitchen and a tailor-made Nodora system.

Download: English, Swedish, German, Finnish  

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