Ozone Water Treatment

Beverages Processing

Beverage production shows the variety of advantages to be gained by using ozone. Ozone can be used in a wide range of products, including wine, milk, bottled juices, soft drinks, and can also be used in the brewing process.

When used to treat wine, ozone has a number of effects. First it is able to speed up the ageing process, thus reducing the overall time of production. It is used to avoid turbidity, which means that the wine keeps clear and clean. Milk production uses ozone to slow souring, which results in a prolonged storage life. The use of ozone in bottled juices and soft drinks pertains to the water that is used to make up many of the drinks. Ozone is used not only to disinfect the water, but also to rid it of any colouration. Within the brewing processes, ozone is used as a safer, and all round more preferable, option for the disinfection of pipelines, filters and bottles due to its non persistent and non toxic residue.