The Commercial Kitchen Guide

Ozongenerator för imakanal, restaurang kök, imkanal och ventilation

There are over 20,000 commercial kitchens and restaurants in Sweden. Almost all are "energy thieves". They emit hot and poorly purified air instead of clean air with and energy and heat recycling. Thus, they lose thousands of dollars annually.

Among the main reasons for air purification of exhaust from commercial kitchens, restaurants and caterers are:

  1. Risk for Complaints: Reduce the risk of complaints from the surrounding area and residents due to odors from the exhaust
  2. Fire safety: Reduce the risk of chimney flues fire
  3. Energy Recovery: Saving money by recovering heat energy from the exhaust air. Efficient energy recovery is made possible when purified air bypasses the heat exchanger

A lot of knowledge and experiance in this field is required in order to succeed.

We now share our experiances in two brochures about air purification in commercial kitchens. Part 1 deals with issues When, How, Where and Why. Part 2 is a product and technology guide that can be used during the design of an exhaust ozone treatment systems.