Ozone: Application Areas

Ozone benefits and application areas for air and water purification

Applications for every need

OTS has a wide range of products tailored for use in a number of air and water purification applications.

Our product range includes various ozone and oxygen generators, injectors, cooling systems, and monitoring and control equipment.

Based on our own extensive experince and working realations with selected specialists in related fields we tailor ozone systems to match every application and customer's needs.

Cleans everything everywhere

The primary use of our systems is to purify, disinfect and deodourize air and water. In air applications like rubbish disposal areas, waste collection stations, biogas installations, slaughterhouses, food & beverage industries, walk-in refrigerators, restaurants and kitchens, airconditioning, our systems eliminate microorganisms and unpleasant smell. Ozone is also very effective to eliminate smell from smoke and fires.

Examples of water appliactions are drinking water, cooling towers, process water, standpipes, leach water, polluted ground water, washing installations etc.

Benefits in short

Ozone Tech Systems provides effective systems to purify air and water from bacteria's, viruses and other microorganisms and eliminates odours without producing any hazardous byproducts. It's natures own purifications process.

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