Odor Control

Ozone can reduce or remove unwanted odors in many applications.

It oxidizes and breaks down the molecules which carry the smell and thus reducing or eliminating the odor completely. Ozone can be applied in cases such as:

Ozone in Ventilation Systems

With the help of an ozone generator you can efficiently get a very good odor reduction in ventilation systems. Such installation can for example make it possible to use rotating heat exchangers due to the fact that ozone treatment will eliminate odor and particle contamination across the heat exchanger.

Odor & Mold removal

Ozone treatment is a very simple and cost efficient method to remove mold and bad odors, and treating the source at the same time. The cost of one treatment is in many cases higher than the actual price of an ozone generator.

Car detailing

A small ozone generator can very efficiently remove bad smell from tobacco smoke, food, sweat, mold and other things which can lower the quality of your comfort as well as the car's second-hand value.

Industrial Odor Control

Odor removal, odor treatment and odor control are very quickly becoming one of the hottest topics regarding industrial environmental concerns.

The reason for this increase in awareness lies in the expansion of urban populations into industrial areas. This has forced businesses to look into the problem of odor pollution emanating from their premises. Ozone can be used to treat the off-gas and thus eliminate the odor. It can also be utilized within industrial production facilities, in barns, breeding facilities right down to in elevators.

Ozone's high oxidization properties means that it can effectively control many odours but it is important that every application is carefully analyzed and engineered. Every odour is in its own way unique and the ozonation system needs to tailored to that to get a fully satisfactory result.

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