Air Treatment

Air purification with ozone

Ozone and ozone generators can be used in a wide range of air treatment applications.

By using ozone and oxidation you can efficiently reduce or completely remove fat, odors, contaminants and many other substances, in various applications.

Ozone for air treatment can, amongst other things, be used for:

  • Reduce fat / odor in kitchen exhaust, restaurants and commercial kitchens (read more in our Kitchen Exhaust Guide)
  • Exhaust air treatment from industrial processes
  • Biogas production and biogas plants
  • Garbage rooms, recycling rooms, grease traps and other smaller areas with odor problems
  • H2S reduction
  • Odor and mold sanitation
  • Smoking rooms

Ozone breaks down virtually all forms of organic and inorganic compounds, rapidly, efficiently and in most cases with no, or very few, by-products, except for water, CO2 and biodegradable dust/ash.

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