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RENA Water Treatment Solutions

This is the ultimate guide to finding out how our turn-key RENA Vivo and Tellus systems are designed. We at Ozonetech take no short-cuts to high performance and reliability in our desire to deliver the market's most comprehensive ozone water treatment systems for all our industries.

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Breweries & beverage production

For any size breweries, we will help reach a more gentle environmental footprint, reduce chemical costs and handling, ensure best possible process water quality and improve your production uptime.

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The dairy industry is water intense enterprise. With high quality requirements to meet the best possible standards in dairy product quality, ozone can be used to reclaim massive amounts of water which is otherwize discarded. Along with CIP processes, cheese brine is a well established method to control microbial growth.

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Food & Hygiene

A food or hygiene products plant uses ample water that needs to be sanitized or reused. There are also plenty of CIP applications where Ozonetech provides a multitude of solutions for your plant. Why not use the best sanitizing method available?

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Wastewater solutions

Virtually all industries emit large quantities of water post-production. Ozonetech has taken a unique approach to ensuring that the right solution can be found to solve the often complex problems that wastewater streams present the the industry. Read more about our pilot projects here!

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Case studies

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Case Studies


Orkla Foods in Kungshamn, Sweden, upgrades from chlorine dioxide

Orkla Foods in Kungshamn produce well known brands such as Abba and Kalles kaviar. They originally used chlorine dioxide to sanitize their process equipment but with troublesome chemical handling. The plant has used ozone in the past to replace the chemical use but needed a more reliable ozone system with higher capacity. Ozonetech provided a new system to plant. Read more about this in our case study.


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Grebbestad Brewery upgraded their sanitation procedures

The Swedish west coast town of Grebbestad conducted a significant upgrade of their sanitation system. Ozonetech installed the RENA Vivo A-series system as a retrofit to the current disinfection set-up. The brewery utilizes the powerful disinfection capacity of dissolved ozone to accommodate faster sanitation cycles, less chemical handling and water savings thanks to the residual-free characteristics of ozone.

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Ozone instead of peracetic acid - it's reality at Poppels Brewery

The day to day life without acid disinfection continues to improve the work environment at Poppels Brewery. Our RENA Vivo A-series was successfully installed and commissioned, fully integrated into the current CIP system at the brewery. The system is used daily to sanitize both fermentation tanks and filling machine after each brew.

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Rynkeby Foods (Eckes-Granini)

The new production facility home to a multitude of known juice brands such as Rynkeby and Brämhults, has implemented an Ozonetech RENA Vivo A-series system to ensure microbial-free rinse water. Before final processing, fresh fruit is continuously rinsed in a rinsing system, equipped with a high efficiency ozone system prevent infection and potential spoiling. The controlled dissolved ozone levels are maintained at proper concentrations in order to prolong the shelf-life of the final fruit juices leaving the factory.

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Polar Bear Water at Tallin Zoo

Tallin Zoo was recently refurbished. Good news for the polar bears Aron and Friida who are now, with the help from Ozonetech enjoying clear, refreshing water. Ozone treatment was implemented at the facility to improve the water quality as a part of the skimmer process to remove particles and protein residues. Ozonetech delivered a turn-key RENA Pro solution with advanced controls to make controls easier performance optimal. Read more by downloading our new case study. The upgraded plant also brings with it a more enjoyable experience for the visitors through the display windows below water.

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Marks municipality removes iron and manganese from drinking water

The Swedish municipality Marks experiences elevated levels of iron and manganese in their drinking water. Ozonetech provided an ozone treatment system to oxidize these compounds followed by filtering. Please read more by clicking the download links.

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